“How clever! I really appreciate unique, handmade objects! This birdhouse is a conversation piece in our backyard (see family photo with Birdhouse). It is nice quality and has withstood the brutal Texas heat! I would highly recommend no matter if you live north, east, south or west!” Janna

“Just received our birdhouses and they look great! I look forward to giving one of them to our daughter-in-law who is from Maine. The other we will enjoy here in Indiana.” Mary Ann

“Woodpeckers enjoy feeding immensely and we enjoy watching. The Suet Feeder is an awesome, fabulous product – worth every penny. Nice gifts, too!” Beverly – Bristol, CT

“Thank You. It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to put it up at the shore house.” Susan

“We have a blue Lobster Buoy Birdhouse hanging in our back yard in Texas. There has been a Titmouse family making their nest. It’s a very unusual birdhouse for Texas and we love it.” Ann

“The beautiful lobster buoy birdhouse was delivered yesterday as a gift! I am privileged to receive it! Can’t wait to get it up for the birds in my back yard in Washington.” Bell

“Please see picture to the right. Mama Chickadee claimed this one shortly after we hung it up. I watched her find a piece of yarn in the yard and bring it back to her nest. I had hung some apple slices in a tree as a treat earlier in the winter. Even birds recycle! I’m not sure about the moss – if she brought it or it just happened to fall on the perch. Bluebirds are back in their house from last year. We love your houses and will be ordering another soon.” Jan

“I received the birdhouse and it is a Christmas gift for my father. Personally, I loved it! This is the most excited I am to give a gift in a long time. Great and unique product.” Kelly

“Santa left 4 Lobster Buoy Birdhouses under our family tree. All in “fight Like a Girl” PINK. They will be keeping birds safe and warm in Seattle, San Antonio and at home here in Weatherford. Thanks to You guys and Santa Tony.” Kim

“My birdhouse is quite at home in Oklahoma. I discovered evidence of nest-building going on out there today!! I’m hoping it’s the blue bird I’ve seen the last few days. I love springtime!! Excited to watch the progress.” Lana

“These birdhouses are beautifully made and well constructed. After first seeing the product I ordered 10 as seasonal gifts for family and friends. Peter and his wife Nikki are friendly and professional. Ordering was easy and hassle free. Great price for such a great product.” – Lee – A. G. Russell Co., East Hartford, Connecticut (manufacturer of our Lobster Buoy Birdhouse Co. custom made personalization metal stamps)

“Wow! Looks just like a real buoy floating in the ocean. The bright colors will look great in the yard”. Kris – Forth Worth, Texas

“My birdhouse is awesome!!!!!! I can’t wait to hang it up and watch the birds nest in it. And you have the color of blue I love. Thanks so much”. Mallory – Fairfax, Virginia

“I enjoy looking at the buoy bird house hanging from the patio. With cedar fence in back, it reminds me of the seashore. Can’t wait to order more for friends as Christmas gifts”. Jeanne – Auburn, Maine

“Hi Peter….I got the birdhouses….wonderful and so well made!! I hung it up to enjoy before winter sets in and within a minute a chickadee had landed, looked in the hole to inspect…I guess for next year! I just love the quality, colors, and memories it brings back of trips to the northeast….that’s why it’s hanging even with no hope of a bird making a nest anytime soon”. Kathy, Bethany Beach, Delaware

“One aspect of the Lobster Buoy Birdhouse Co. which appeals to me is the company being started by a husband and wife in their barn. It is nice to see another new, creative, and original small town company like this. I am confident this couple takes genuine pride in the product based on my birdhouse. (I will be watching to see how this company progresses)”. Clint, Douglas, Alaska

“The Lobster Buoy Birdhouse is perfect hanging in my old apple tree. The authentic style and details are a great addition to my yard. Thank you for crafting a quality product”. – Jan, Bar Harbor, Maine

“The lobster buoy birdhouse is a hefty piece of woodwork. I like it because it has that kind of durable build needed to withstand the strong winds and snowfall here in the mountains. Our birdhouse has our family name carved out on the side of it. It’s proudly hanging outside for everyone to enjoy”. – Patrick, Shalane, and Jace, Flagstaff, Arizona

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